Recreational Gymnastics
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Recreational Gymnastics

Class Times:

  • Monday (6-12 Girls & Boys) 3.40-4.35pm
  • Tuesday (5-10 Girls & Boys) 3.40-4.35pm
  • Thursday (5-10 Girls & Boys) 3.40-4.35pm 
  • Friday (5-9 Girls & Boys) 3.40-4.35pm
  • Saturday (5-6 Girls & Boys) 9:00-9:55am 
  • Saturday (6-7 Girls & Boys) 10:00am-10:55am
  • Saturday (7-9 Girls & Boys) 10:00am-10:55am
  • Saturday (5-6 Girls & Boys) 11:00am-11:55am
  • Saturday (7-8 Girls & Boys) 11:00am-11:55am                                            

Class Duration: 55 minutes

Term Fees: $170.00 Per Term - Eight weeks guaranteed

NO refunds will be given for change of mind, classes cancelled due to weather conditions, or any circumstances outside of Gymnastics Nelson's control. 

Class Information: 

This programme is focused around learning the basics of gymnastics and getting an understanding of each of the different apparatus. We also look towards developing self-confidence and independence in children while creating an environment where they can have fun and learn through enjoyment. This programme also caters to children who have had some expreience with gymnastics and looks to build on the basics to develop more complex skills across the apparatus.

Please note gymnasts who are 4-years old looking to enroll in to a recreational class need to have participated in our structured preschool gymnastics classes previously and be capable of participating independantly without parent support on the floor. 

Class Structure:

We use Colour Level Certificates to gauge progress, set goals, and motivate athletes. Think of it like the different coloured belts in martial arts! 

Colour Level is assigned by age and adjusted according to ability. For more detailed information visit our "Recreational Colour Levels" tab under the "Enrolment Information" catagory.

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