FAQs - Committee

FAQs - Committee

Can members attend Committee meetings?

Members are welcome to attend Committee  meetings between 5.30pm-6.00pm, which is the open meeting timeslot. To ensure the Committee can prepare for any agenda items, please email managergni39@gmail.com  with any item you wish to have placed on the agenda at least five working days prior to the Committee meeting.  Any item raised for discussion that has not been placed on the Agenda will be placed on the following month's agenda.  Committee meetings are generally held the first Monday of every month unless otherwise notified.  (If a Committee meeting is to be postponed due to Committee member absence you will be notified at the time that you register your item for the Agenda of the change of plans and the change of date will be advised under Latest News on this website).

Where can members view the Clubs Constitution and Policy documents?

These documents can be found on this website under the About Us tab.  Copies can also be requested from the Gym

When is the Annual Performance report uploaded to the Charities Commission and the Societies Register?

The Performance Report and Audited Financial documents are uploaded after ratification and acceptance at the AGM.  

How can I contact the president?

The current President is Sam Burling, please contact presidentgni@gmail.com

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