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COVID-19 Important Information- Gymnastics Nelson

This advisory is current as at 15th May and is subject to change. 

Gymnastics Nelson has been working closely with Gymnastics New Zealand and the Ministry of Health to provide the most up to date information for our members. Due to ongoing restrictions, for the safety of our members, staff and wider community we have had to implement changes and protocols for operation within our facility and to our general procedures and the delivery of our classes. We thank you all for your patience and understanding this has been an incredibly difficult time. This information will be reviewed on Monday 25th May. 

Contact tracing 

All athletes and staff members who are registered on our Friendly Manager database will be logged in by a staff member upon arrival to class. Head coaches will be ensuring all rolls are correct and up to date. All visitors who are not enrolled members or staff members will need to fill in our contact tracing log each time they enter the building, this log will be located at the front desk. We will be collecting the following information; name, address, email, phone, time in/out. 

“This information is being collected to assist in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be given to the Ministry of Health and/or the District Health Board on request in the event that it is required for contact tracing purposes. We will not use it for any other purpose, and will destroy it after four weeks. It will be kept here at Gymnastics Nelson. You have a right to access and correct any information we hold about you.” 

To help with contract tracing and physical distancing, parents/ caregivers will need to pick up and drop off their child from outside the building. (Except for structured preschool classes) Our staff members will be supervising this. Coaches will be vigilant to ensure classes finish at the correct time. Please wait by the bridge and ensure you are on time to pick up your child. 

Parents will not be allowed in the Gym at this time without permission 

Personal Hygiene 

On arrival gymnasts and coaches will wash and dry their hands in the kitchen or bathroom before coming onto the floor. Once gymnasts have completed a circuit/ apparatus gymnasts and coaches will either wash and dry hands or sanitize their hands before moving onto the next activity. Each coach will have hand sanitiser and cleaning wipes, but we recommend gymnasts bring their own sanitizer as part of their training kit. Gymnasts will be encouraged to wash and dry hands regularly. If athletes are coughing, sneezing or touching their face, they will be immediately asked to wash and dry hands or sanitize. Coaches will be actively reminding athletes to cough into their elbow and avoid touching their face. Athletes and coaches will have to wash and dry hands or sanitize before and after each apparatus. If a gymnast develops a cough, runny nose or starts to feel unwell parents/caregivers will be called and athletes will need to be picked up from gymnastics. 

If a child mentions that they have COVID-19 whether this is correct or incorrect they will be sent home immediately. 

Staff members who have the above symptoms will also be asked to stay at home. Parents/caregivers will be notified as soon as possible if this affects training schedules. If you or your child is sick, please stay at home self-isolate at home and get tested immediately. Your child must not participate in physical activity (or leave home) if they are displaying symptoms of COVID-19, awaiting a test result, or required to self-isolate. 


Prior to classes starting the equipment will be cleaned and sanitized where practicable. Gymnastics Nelson now has a hand soap dispenser in the kitchen and in the bathroom along with paper towels in the bathroom. As a reminder please ensure paper towels are disposed in the bin provided and not in the toilet. Coaches will carry around a “bubble bucket” in the bucket coaches will have gloves, wipes and sanitizer. After each apparatus coaches will clean equipment where practicable. Our staff will clean public spaces including the kitchen and toilet regularly each day. Hand sanitizer is also available at the front desk. 

Physical distancing 

Due to the restrictions for Level 2 Recreational classes we will be limited to 4 classes per day with 8 athletes per class. This will be your Gymnastics bubble. Structured Preschool classes will have a limit of 4 gymnasts and 4 parents. We are sorry but siblings will not be allowed during alert level 2. It is recognised that contact during physical activity will occur but this will be minimized as much as possible with gymnast safety as first priority. Our staff will create activities, which will limit the need for spotting. In some cases, “Safe Spotting” may be used. For example, to prevent a fall or bad landing. 

Bubbles within the Gym will be staying 2meters away from other bubbles. Athletes and coaches will maintain a 1-meter distance where practicable. 

Athletes will need to bring their own water bottle; cups will not be provided. Please note, the pit, ropes and small equipment will be out of action during Alert Level two. All warm ups and cool downs will be done in lines, with distance between athletes. 

Recreational Start Days and Times: 


Monday 25th May 11am 

Tuesday 26th May 1.30pm 

Wed 27th May 10:45am 

Sat 30th May  10am and 11am 


Monday 25th May 3:30 

Tues 26th May 3:30 

Wed 27th May  3:30 

Thurs 28th May 3:30 

Friday 29th May 3:30 

Sat 30th May 10am 


Please note Monday classes will be 5 weeks, Tuesday to Saturday classes will be 6 weeks. 

Invoices will be sent out on enrolment, less any credits you may have in your account. Please check your Friendly Manager accounts after enrolment to make sure all your details are correct. For contact tracing we will need your address email and phone to be correct. 


Preschool $57.00 

Recreational $72.00

Tues to Sat 

Preschool $68.00

Recreational $85.00

As we have limited places available please note all fees will need to be paid prior to your first class otherwise you may lose your spot. 

If you would like to organise a payment plan this will need to be done prior to your first class. Please email nelsongymfinance@gmail.com 

We thank you all for your patience and understanding this has been an incredibly difficult time. 

This information will be reviewed on Monday 25th May. 

If you have any questions , please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Gymnastics Nelson