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Class Descriptions


In Preschool Gymnastics we aim to have fun while developing the fundamental movement patterns. Classes are about learning – how the body works, what your limits are, how to follow instructions, exploring new environments, associating words with actions and socialising with others (for parents too!). Parent or guardian attendance is required for this programme.
Class duration is 45minutes

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General Gymnastics and General Gymnastics Extension

In our General Gymnastics classes we explore the fundamental movement patterns across all apparatus. Along with developing basic skills and progressions while having fun and making friends.
Class duration is 60minutes.

General Gymnastics Extension is for 8yrs+ Girls who have previous gymnastics experience, or who have been attending General Gymnastics and have developed the basic skills of gymnastics. Coaches discretion is required to assess your suitability.

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Recreational Competitive

Our Recreational Gymnastics class for those with previous gymnastic experience who would like an opportunity to learn routines and to compete in local and regional competitions. There will also be aspects of skill development incorporated into the program

Twist n Turn – Girls

A class for girls 8+ with previous gymnastic experience. This class focuses on the development of gymnastics skills, and will be mostly floor based looking at skills such as walkovers, round offs, flic flacs, aerials and saltos. There will also be aspects of strength, flexibility and other gymnastics apparatus as well.

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Flipz n Trix – Teenage boys!

Boys only 8yrs+ For those who want to get out of the house and do something cool this is the place to be! Our ‘flipx n trix’ class is for teenage boys who are keen to learn how to flip and do some trix safely in the gym. Flips on the floor, on and off the trampoline plus flipping off the wall, it all happens in this hour of fun!
Class duration 60minutes

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